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So finally got my account at Pixel Glam (, which is pretty much the major dolling community out there right now, sorted, and oh my god.

Seeing the quality of the pixel art floating around over there is intimidating beyond freaking words. Back when I was in my dolling prime.....forums mostly had people in the "middle ground" of pixel art, which was where I got to, then there were the really exceptional dollers, and then there were those who were new or using MS paint who didn't know tricks to crank that shit up or whatever. But the amount of skill and talent out there right now is just pure intimidation. While I was off having my head fucked with and trying to piece myself back together, everyone was getting so much better, and I stagnated.

It is really, really godamned intimidating. And younger me probably would have run with her tail between her legs because I always had a hard time living up to shit like that and not running for fear that I wasn't good enough but fuck that. The only way I am going to improve is by doing, so *cracks knuckles and gets back to work on pixel projects*. 

Besides, my obsessions demand it.


Goals for 2016:
- 300,000 words of fiction. (A NaNo-load every 2 months. Totally doable.)
- Finish at least 3 full-size digital drawings. (I know that's not a lot, but because I am still learning and a perfectionist, what takes a normal artist a week takes me about eight.)
- Improve, drastically, at pixeling. (Challenge self. Screw comfort zone. Go. Go. Go!)
- Finish WIP amigurumis & get back into crocheting.
- Knit something large. Finish it. 
- Finish at least six Pixel Cross-Stitch Pieces.
- Finish at least twelve Pixel Perler-Bead projects.
- Get into seed-pixel-beading. 
- Have fun with all of it. 
So, after losing Alan Rickman so close behind Bowie, as well as finding out that poor Celine Dion lost her husband and brother within two days of each other to cancer, like Bowie and Rickman, AND Glenn Frey of the was a touch overwhelming and I admit, I have not gotten a whole lot done on the artwork side of things. Writing, plenty. Art, not so much. But it's coming. Swear. 
Sitting in the waiting room at my pain management specialist's, waiting to have needles shoved into the nerve clusters in my lower back, and what am I doing? Blaring music on my earbuds and writing my story with my thumbs in Documents To Go. I may be addicted. I'll get back to you on that.
Still reeling from the news about the loss of the great David Bowie. From the time I first saw him as Jareth in Labyrinth to becoming a teenager and discovering my own musical tastes, only to find that not only was David's music in and of itself some of the greatest ear-porn I had ever heard, but that he had inspired the vast majority of my favorite artists (Nirvana - Unplugged - Man Who Sold The World, 'nuff said), to then finding out that he was openly bisexual and even though it was at great risk to his career and he could have been set upon by the vipers of the world, he refused to pretend to be something he wasn't, which helped inspire me and give me fortitude when facing those who would be abusive towards me for my orientation, there are few celebrities who've had the impact on me that David Bowie has. Sadly, we lost three more of them in the last year and a half (Williams, Nimoy, and Iwata-san). Suffice to say, my heart is beyond heavy. Rest In Peace, Major Tom. Your legacy is stronger than ever and you are very missed by billions. We love you. Thank you for everything.
75+ Pages. 22,027 Words. Since *the 3rd of the Year.* Barely a week into the month, & I'd already be just under 1/2 done if this was NaNoWriMo. -_^ Oh yeah, I'm back.


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