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(Chibi) Lord Haurchefant Wants You by Matdredalia (Chibi) Lord Haurchefant Wants You :iconmatdredalia:Matdredalia 4 3 My Moogley Return! by Matdredalia My Moogley Return! :iconmatdredalia:Matdredalia 2 5 Fella In Action by Matdredalia Fella In Action :iconmatdredalia:Matdredalia 0 2 Cherishball Jirachi Pokewalker by Matdredalia Cherishball Jirachi Pokewalker :iconmatdredalia:Matdredalia 13 12
As Ophelia
And tell me
If I lay in my watery grave
like Ophelia
gone over to madness
in the breaking cold
of her lover's scorn,
would you love me then
like you loved me once?
Would you be my Hamlet?
Would you swear your love
after denying it so?
Would the truth come out
that it had never been hatred,
but pained love coursing
through your broken vein.
Would you damn me to hell
only to then sing my praises
as you once had,
as the angel
that once saved your soul?
Tell me now, and tell me true
because as it stands,
there is very little
clinging me to this tainted life.
In my final hour,
could I change your cruelty
and make amends with my life?
If I laid down my life in despair
in my regret, in my anguish
in my sorrow at hurting you so,
would you love me then?
As you loved me once,
would you love me,
once more?
:iconmatdredalia:Matdredalia 0 0
I drag my aching body from the sofa
And listen to the chiming of fifteen empties
The sun is rising, but there has been no rest for the wicked
And even when my head hits the pillow
My dreams will deny my peace
The cellophane crinkles in my pocket with each step
A reminder of my sweet fixation
As I take stock of my surroundings and thoughts
I inhale deeply and close my eyes
As I realize how tightly spun I've let myself become
The ache behind my eyes, and in my bones
The face in the mirror that I don't recognize
I start drawing parallels and I see the lines
Between myself and the chemically challenged
Growing more and more thin every day
The "empties" are simply Coca-Cola cans, nothing more
The cellophane, all that remains of a butterscotch candy
My only indulgence is the over priced but beautiful paper
That I scrawl my nightmares upon
I am thoughtless in the consumption of all of the above
My exhaustion is the product of my only true demon
The ache in my chest that haunts my dreams and t
:iconmatdredalia:Matdredalia 0 0
Lappy Desktop by Matdredalia Lappy Desktop :iconmatdredalia:Matdredalia 2 1 Peace on Earth by Matdredalia Peace on Earth :iconmatdredalia:Matdredalia 2 9 Face Your Manga by Matdredalia Face Your Manga :iconmatdredalia:Matdredalia 1 3
Mature content
Dakota Rain :iconmatdredalia:Matdredalia 0 1
The iMonster by Matdredalia The iMonster :iconmatdredalia:Matdredalia 1 6 Grapey Garter Scarf by Matdredalia Grapey Garter Scarf :iconmatdredalia:Matdredalia 0 14 Deviant Bomberman by Matdredalia Deviant Bomberman :iconmatdredalia:Matdredalia 22 5
Mature content
Nenriki no Kage - Chapter 6 :iconmatdredalia:Matdredalia 1 4
Only For Today
I just want to be with you
I just want to hold you tight
I'm not asking for for forever
No, just for tonight
I'll go when the dawn
Breaks through the window
Until then
Please don't ask me to go
'Cause I need to be with you
If only once in my life
I need to know
What it could be like
I know I'll never have your heart
And I accepted that long the way
But I just want to know what it's like
To love you
If only for, today
So turn down the lights
Close your eyes
Take the leap
Because it feels so right
I know that you're scared
I know it feels so strange
But sometimes that's the way it is
You've gotta' take things on faith
So don't say a word
Just take my hand
I won't let you hurt
Don't you understand?
I need you so badly
I want to hold you close
If it were up to me
I'd never, ever let go..
But it's not...
So I'll take what I...can have...
And we'll just let, be that...
'Cause I need to be with you
If only once in my life
I need to know
What it could be like
I know I'll never have your heart
:iconmatdredalia:Matdredalia 1 0
Base: Lee by Matdredalia Base: Lee :iconmatdredalia:Matdredalia 15 11


So you think tracing can't help you learn?
Watch me show you that it can.
First of all, before reading this, step off of those high horses of yours and open your mind to what I'm saying.
Are you off? Safe and unsaddled? Not tied up in the bridle? Good! :love:
Before I start talking about tracing let me give you a bit of background information on myself. Me? I'm a very arrogant person sometimes. I often believe my way is right and always will be right, even if it's dead wrong. :B No matter what other people say to me, a lot of the time I have to realize the truth myself before believing it. As for my beliefs on tracing - I never really cared about if other people traced or not. It never got me mad nor did I care to report it on this site because I thought people would just make themselves look stupid doing so.
Recently I have been hating my art furiously (hence the empty gallery) so I sat for a while a couple nights ago and wondered WHY. Why do I feel my art is so amateur, and lacking, and underdeveloped for my age?
I found out
:icononefreeinternet:OneFreeInternet 63 323
Animal Crossing Character Maker (Flash) by Gekipie Animal Crossing Character Maker (Flash) :icongekipie:Gekipie 149 44 HOW TO: Male Torso Anatomy - BACK by Valentina-Remenar HOW TO: Male Torso Anatomy - BACK :iconvalentina-remenar:Valentina-Remenar 10,603 336 Male Torso Practice by DelightsJD Male Torso Practice :icondelightsjd:DelightsJD 2,442 164 HOW TO: Male Hands Reference by Valentina-Remenar HOW TO: Male Hands Reference :iconvalentina-remenar:Valentina-Remenar 12,948 503 HOW TO: Male Torso Anatomy by Valentina-Remenar HOW TO: Male Torso Anatomy :iconvalentina-remenar:Valentina-Remenar 31,971 1,271 FREE 2 USE BASE | chibi girl and boy by greenmaggot-designs FREE 2 USE BASE | chibi girl and boy :icongreenmaggot-designs:greenmaggot-designs 295 20 Printable Manga Templates by Kita-Angel Printable Manga Templates :iconkita-angel:Kita-Angel 365 91
100 Theme Fanfiction Challenge!!!
Haha, thats right, I've now officially joined the bandwagon~! So many people are doing those "30 Kisses Challenge" and "100 Theme Challenge" on, that I just wanted to join too!!!
Rules are pretty much self-explanitory...but I'll sumerize them for anyone else that might wanna do it too:
1.) Pick a fandom
2.) Pick a pairing!!
3.) Write a one-shot for each of the themes. (length isn't a factor--so it could be a whole chapter long or just a drabble)
4.) None of the chapters can be a continuation of any other chapters
5.) TRY to be original, and NO copypasta!!!
6.) REMEMBER, the fics do NOT have to be writen OR posted in the lists order!!!
Here's the list!!!!
100 Theme Fanfiction Challenge Themes:
1. Introduction---
2. Love---
3. Light---
4. Dark---
5. Seeking Solace---
6. Break Away---
7. Dream---
8. Innocence---
9. Drive---
10. Breathe Again---
11. Memory---
12. Insanity---
13. Misfortune---
14. Smile---
15. Silence---
16. Illusion---
17. Blood---
18. Rainbow---
19. Gray---
:iconribonsnlace:ribonsnlace 101 43
Valentine of the Vince by PrinceVerthym Valentine of the Vince :iconprinceverthym:PrinceVerthym 16 3 them ffxiv heavensward elezen guys by Sir-Erdgeist them ffxiv heavensward elezen guys :iconsir-erdgeist:Sir-Erdgeist 51 1 UNICORN MAN [F2U] by PrinceVerthym UNICORN MAN [F2U] :iconprinceverthym:PrinceVerthym 27 8 vows unbroken by Marureenu vows unbroken :iconmarureenu:Marureenu 139 16 Don't be sad... It doesn't suit you... My heroine. by RockRendezvousLove Don't be sad... It doesn't suit you... My heroine. :iconrockrendezvouslove:RockRendezvousLove 4 2 haurchefant by 1m0kay haurchefant :icon1m0kay:1m0kay 4 0 Haurchefant Minion by Gray-kit Haurchefant Minion :icongray-kit:Gray-kit 4 0
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So finally got my account at Pixel Glam (, which is pretty much the major dolling community out there right now, sorted, and oh my god.

Seeing the quality of the pixel art floating around over there is intimidating beyond freaking words. Back when I was in my dolling prime.....forums mostly had people in the "middle ground" of pixel art, which was where I got to, then there were the really exceptional dollers, and then there were those who were new or using MS paint who didn't know tricks to crank that shit up or whatever. But the amount of skill and talent out there right now is just pure intimidation. While I was off having my head fucked with and trying to piece myself back together, everyone was getting so much better, and I stagnated.

It is really, really godamned intimidating. And younger me probably would have run with her tail between her legs because I always had a hard time living up to shit like that and not running for fear that I wasn't good enough but fuck that. The only way I am going to improve is by doing, so *cracks knuckles and gets back to work on pixel projects*. 

Besides, my obsessions demand it.


That moment when you realize that even though you've been dead art-wise for half a decade, your dwviantArt journal paints a mode clear picture of you than any other social media ever could. Bleh. 2016 sucked. 2017 is shiny and new. "The opposite of war isn't peace, it's creation." Let's go save the world.


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